Lending books

In the library we have books of fiction and non-fiction for children and the adults.

Lending magazines

We prepay two magazines for children - Čtyřlístek a Mateřidouška and a magazine fot the adults - Epocha.

Circulation files

Readers can borrow books from three circulation files that remain available for a year. These books were bought through the Zlín region and the employees of Masaryk Public Library in Vsetín bring them. Circulation files are color-coded. The spring file is marked with a  yellow label and changes in May. The autumn file marked with a blue label changes in November and the winter file has a violet label and changes in January.

Interlibrary Lending Service

If a reader wants to borrow a book that is not in the library, the book can be ordered through Interlibrary Lending Service. The lending time limit is a month. It can be prolonged on the request of the reader for another month.

PIAP - Public Internet Access Point

Readers can use a computer or Wi-Fi.

Other  services

In the library you can print and copy.

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